This past year has been one of change and transition, that’s no secret, I’m sure it has been the same for all of you.  It’s been absolutely wild to see how the state of things have affected our world, and it’s been incredible to experience the forced growth it’s brought to me and the guys.

Last February, we concluded a long tour and were met with the pandemic. The same uncertainty the world experienced hit us as we started what would become more than a year at home. During this time we’ve realized how important it is to take care of ourselves and the people we love.  Through it all, a huge explosion of growth came to all of us. We all made big steps in our lives, some of us having kids and getting married, moving, finding new passions in life, and with all this growth of course came changes to the things that were, and to our band.

It became clear that keeping the band going forward as usual was not possible, and rather than strain ourselves around something we love so much, we decided that it was best to create something new altogether. I am starting a new chapter called ‘Wheelwright’, it is my solo endeavor, and though the guys will still be there behind the scenes with me creating music in the studio, contributing to the songwriting process, and touring as musicians when they’re able, the music and world of Wheelwright will be my own. This letter is one of assurance to our fans, who mean the most to us, that despite this change, the heart of this project, on stage and off, the world we all created together p/\q, will be the same. More letters will follow from the rest of the fellas detailing their experiences and future plans considering this change, and we all just want to express how much we love you and are excited to continue this journey together. Jared & The Mill’s music will of course stay on streaming platforms for you guys, and the history of our band will remain intact; but, on March 3rd, the handles and names will switch on our social media, and I will be releasing music as ‘Wheelwright’ on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, etc.

We have toured very hard for over 8 years, and 2019 was one of the longest hauls we’d seen, it made 2020 at home seem like a cruel joke from the gods. The family that we’ve created for ourselves on the road between our fans, friends, and fellow bands is something I cherish more than anything, and I’m excited to continue the story we’ve all worked so hard on together.  You’re so much a part of who we are as a band and who I am as an artist, I can’t tell you how grateful I feel to have the pack at my back and the future ahead of me.  Change is good, and progress is good! It all starts on March 3rd.  Let’s do it.  p/\q forever – Keep Howlin <4

– Jared

oh also…. We’re gunna put Western Expansion back on the Jared & The Mill Spotify.

I’ve been making songs with Jared and the guys since before I could go into a bar to play them. It’s truly been a blessing to spend the better part of this decade traveling the world and making music as part of JatM. As Jared continues forward with Wheelwright I’m really excited to continue to make music with him, both off the stage and behind the scenes whenever possible. I expect this new chapter will carry the same fire it always has and be a great continuation of the story we’ve built together and I’m delighted to be a part of it.

My time off the road has allowed me to develop my skills as a producer and recording engineer. I’ve already started demoing some new songs with Jared, which I can assure you’re going to love. This year the record I made with Sydney Sprague came out as well and has been gaining traction, and I’m looking forward to riding the following wave of that release as well. While I won’t be around 100% of the time, you will still be seeing me on the stage with Jared, in the studio, and generally just hanging out having a good time.

– Chuck Morriss III

Hey guys! Man oh man, big changes! For nearly 10 years my life has been this band, and our practically constant touring. It feels impossible to sum up my emotions and thoughts on what an impact it has been to travel with my best friends and bring our music to all of you. What a trip.  We have quite literally travelled the world and accomplished things I always dreamed of, and all of that has been possible because of our loving fan base which has become a family of its own. I am overwhelmed and grateful of that continued opportunity as this new project develops.

This hasn’t been an easy year for anyone I know. Along with this difficult pandemic, and turbulent time, our band as a collective and as individuals has experienced a ton of change. Fortunately most of which has been very positive. I’m really proud of all the guys, and all the ways this time has molded them. I made the best decision of my life this year and married my wife Ash.  I also had an opportunity to dive fully into photography and art direction, committing myself to other musician’s projects, including this new endeavor for Jared as Wheelwright.

You’ll be seeing me around for sure! I look forward to continuing in support as a songwriter, creative contributor, and even joining in whenever I can as a band member on the road, supporting Jared as Wheelwright alongside all of you guys, our p/\q, our family of fans.  Can’t wait for you to hear the new music, and truly hope you all continue this journey with Jared and all of us! I’m just so damn grateful to all the friends, fellow bands, and fans that have became our road family, and the little world we have created together. I’ve missed you all deeply, and I hope this difficult year has been as kind to you as it could be. See you around!

All my love,

– Michael

Hey team. No surprise here but this year has been a real doozy. On the one hand, there has been so much loss and so many tragedies. On the other (as heartfelt commercials have belabored) we’ve all been give a rare chance to stop and reflect. This is especially true for those of us who have made our life on the road.

For me, that reflection has been tough, but it’s also been a lovely discovery of my more domestic side. I’ve always wrestled with this aspect of my being and after almost 10 years on the road, I don’t mind being forced to get more in touch with that person.

During this time, i’ve also solidly felt the absence of 2 things:

• The insanely rich energy transfer that happens during shows between you the audience, and us the folks on stage.

• The unending joy of making music with Josh, Chuck, Jared, and Michael.

As things slowly return to some kind of normal, I’m hoping to balance this newfound domestic side without missing out on those 2 irreplaceable things I mentioned above.

To do so, I will be taking a step back from the frontline of the band and working more behind the scenes. You’ll still hear my voice and guitar licks on recordings, but you might not see my face as much. I’m excited to lend my talents to this new project called Wheelwright and to help build a new musical world, one that features Jared’s mug more 😉

Please know that it’s a world that is deeply rooted in the memories and experiences that YOU have helped create. Jared and the Mill was always about bringing people together and that same spirit is still at the core of our mission.

One last thing I want to point out: I’ll never be able to thank you all enough for the memories, the friendship, the kindness and the example that I’ve learned from all of the friends and family we’ve made on our travels. Thank you for everything and I can’t wait to have you along on this next part of our journey!

– Larry

It’s no secret this year has presented unique challenges for everyone. My year has been filled with love and connecting with my now wife and preparing to care for a baby, all while making concessions on how to do so. Music has been no different. I was forced to connect and create musically with Jared and the guys in new ways: send tracks back and forth, open my garage and stay 6 feet away while I worked through ideas, or simply trusting our group to make the right creative decision.

Performing live on stage has always been my greatest outlet. Where I feel truly like myself. Where I pour my soul out for others to see. Where I can cut loose and just have a great time. Despite all the change that has happened this year, my love for performing has not faltered. So, I look forward to getting on the road again and flipping my hair around while I bang on some drums and connect with my pack on and off stage.

It is an honor to continue my role in this story for Wheelwright. It is always exciting to play drums for Jared on stage, and I value the trust he puts in me to help make sure his songs capture the emotion he puts into writing them. Thank you for joining us on this journey p/\q!

With love and appreciation,

– “Uncle Josh”